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H Lee Moffitt Cancer Center & Research Institute

One Comment Published: May 1, 2009 12:00 am

University of South Florida
12902 Magnolia Drive
Tampa, FL 33612-9497
813-972-4673 (813-972-HOPE)
813-979-3980 or 888-860-2778 (New Patient)

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  • Jarrell Mitchell said:

    4004 Cool Brooke Way, Alexandria, VA 22306 (Summer)
    2423 Kensington Greens Drive, Sun City Center FL. 33573 (winter)
    703.768.7647 (Virginia)
    813.634.1404 (Florida)

    9 October 2011

    Dear Doctors,

    Your name came to my attention during my search for information to assist my wife in her fight against her Myelodyplastic Syndrome (MDS).

    For the past 6 years my wife, Patricia R. Mitchell has been a Moffitt lymphoma patient (Dr Balducci) during the winter and a patient at the National Naval Military Hospital, Bethesda, MD (now the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center – WRNMMC) during summer. Her lymphoma was unsuccessfully treated with radiation years ago at the WRNMMC and subsequently treated with chemotheraphy at both hospitals. Her tumor growth was controlled after each chemo but not for extended periods. Her disease has not spread to date or is it currently active.

    Since 25 August 2011 Patricia has been critically ill in the ICU at the WRNMMC diagnosed with pseudomonas aeruginosa (PA) and later with organizing pneumonia (OP). Her recovery has been complicated by MDS, which was diagnosed on 18 August 2011 via a bone marrow biopsy performed at the WRNMMC. Her MDS is impacting her red and white cells and her platelet levels. At this point there is no evidence of AML.

    When she did not respond to a 20-day regimen of Zoysin for the PA, a lung biopsy was performed which resulted in a 4 October diagnosis of Organizing Pneumonia. Steroids were then given. Her pulmonary recovery has since been remarkable in spite of her continuing infusion needs. We expect her to be ambulatory in a few weeks and at that time we intend to relocate to our Florida home. There is no question she will require MDS management support while we are in Florida.

    The purpose of this letter is to determine what level(s) of support would be available to us at Moffitt. We would also consider any Moffitt clinical trials for which she might qualify.

    I have attached copies of the lab analyses of her18 August 2011 bone marrow biopsy as well as lung X-Ray information gathered on 25 August 2011 when we presented at the WRNMMC Emergency Room with breathing difficulty diagnosed as pneumonia.

    Your consideration and thoughts would be sincerely appreciated.

    Jarrell S. Mitchell